Introduction to Operating Institutions

"Korea Fisheries Association

The Korea Fisheries Association is a non-profit corporation established in 1965 with a goal to develop South Korea's aquaculture industry and improve the rights and interests of aquatic workers. It operates as a consortium of aquatic organizations, aquatic companies and first-line aquatic associations.

At present, it is focusing on promoting non-governmental fishery cooperation with neighboring countries, self-discipline management of fishery and aquatic product circulation, promotion of aquatic product consumption and export support, and research on policies and systems related to aquaculture.

The Korea Fisheries Association has made significant contribution to the fisheries industry through ""fish sale"", an online aquatic market which connects front-line fishermen and aquatic product consumers online, and the operation of the Korea's first marine fisheries science museum ""Aquatic Science Museum"".

In particular, in order to tap into the overseas market of aquatic products in China, the organization promotes the operation of unified export brand (K·FISH), the unified marketing promotion of aquatic products export, international certification support, online export activation, and many more. "

-"The aquatic brand K·FISH is dedicated to bringing fresh seafood from the Republic of Korea to global consumers.

-K·FISH has passed the strict evaluation benchmark of the Ministry of Marine and Aquatic Products, and is a safe and high-quality aquatic product. It is a unified brand for aquatic products export.

It was born to present fresh seafood from the Republic of Korea to global consumers.

Gaining and maintaining the K·FISH brand is extremely difficult.

There is only one reason why the government of the Republic of Korea adopts strict and strict standards for the use of brands:

To build the K·FISH brand into a top pick for global consumers."


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