"A country with three seas. The sea story of the Republic of Korea.

The Republic of Korea is surrounded by seas on three sides.

In the East is an endless sea with an average depth of 1,700m and abundant plankton due to the intersection of cold and warm currents.

In the West is a shallow sea with an average depth of 44m.

The broad mudflat which is rich in nutrients is an ideal spawning place for fish.

In the South is a clean sea area with more than 2,000 islands, which is suitable for aquaculture.

This is the secret why the seas of the Republic of Korea still preserve the highest level of diversity of marine life in the world.

With three seas, the Republic of Korea is confident in presenting K-Seafood to global consumers."

"The aquatic brand K·FISH is dedicated to bringing fresh seafood from the Republic of Korea to global consumers.

K·FISH has passed the strict evaluation benchmark of the Ministry of Marine and Aquatic Products, and is a safe and high-quality aquatic product. It is a unified brand for aquatic products export.

It was born to present fresh seafood from the Republic of Korea to global consumers.

Gaining and maintaining the K·FISH brand is extremely difficult.

There is only one reason why the government of the Republic of Korea adopts strict and strict standards for the use of brands: 

To build the K·FISH brand into a top pick for global consumers." 

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